Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

So, this year I decided to do something in observance of Memorial Day. I have family buried at the Springfield Memorial Gardens right near my house, and I figured that I should go there and visit their gravesites. So as I mustered up the courage (yes, mustered because I can get really emotional with these things) I went through my yard and picked some flowers from the only 3 flowering plants I have, and went over to see if my Gramma wanted to go along. We spent about half an hour going through her front and back yards and picking a LOT more flowers. The flowers we picked (she pointed out and I clipped em) were gorgeous and such a great variety, too. Rodies, azaleas, roses, bleeding hearts, wysteria (I think), snowballs, and snapdragons. We were ready and headed off to the cemetary and as she sat and watched (and of course she gave some direction) I put together an arrangement in my uncle Beryl (her son)'s headstone vase. I then left her alone to do some contemplating and walked over to my grandma & grandpa Rogers' headstone. I stood there for a moment trying to regain my composure before heading back to where I left the flowers. And I started reminiscing of the memories I had with both of them and the meaning of that day. So I then arranged flowers in a vase for each of them. I have decided that this is an important thing to do for my healing and my heart, to spend this time reflecing and remembering all 3 of these family members whom have gone before me. My grandparents whom I loved deeply, and Grandpa served in WWII and I appreciate him and all those who have served in any war for the freedoms of us all. And also my uncle, who was just 18 yrs old in 1964 when he passed away, I never met him, though he has left an imprint on my life forever. I was born on the 18th anniversary of his death. This was a very special moment in time for me, and I'm glad I have the opportunity to have done this. I want my family and friends to know that we all have our own ways of memorializing and remembering the family we have lost. This year I decided to do it in a new and special way. I am sure that all of you will find your own special way to celebrate Memorial Day and remember those we have lost, with honor and reflection, and we are all together in that moment.

With Love,

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This is mainly for the Campbell families, we would LOVE to have email addresses from those who have one. I have added all of Brandon's relatives (as much as I know) to my family geneology website: www.geni.com and we'd love to be able to send you all an invite to join it. Its an awesome, free site my cousin began for my family on my paternal side. Once you get on, I'm sure you'll see why its a great site. SO, please reply to this post with your email address or you can email me at: alichick22@juno.com Thanks!

~**~ ALI :D

Hello Everyone

Hope everyone is healthy & happy. We decided to try this "blog" thing out. Its interesting trying to get a hang of this. Now we have many places our friends and family can reach us at: http://www.geni.com/, http://www.myfamily.com/, http://www.myspace.com/alichick22, http://www.myspace.com/bluvacampbell, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=540908124

We'll see you all soon! :D